Our Vision:

To be a lead full-service CRO with a build-up remarkable contribution in best serving the pharmaceutical industry around the globe

Our Mission:

To provide the pharma partners with the best quality standards and optimal delivery timelines throughout the active participation of our qualified team and the integration of our Risk Management approach within the services introduced

Core Values

Since Molecule was an idea, it was governed by Core Values:

    • Service:
    • We provide the best service excellence for the pharmaceutical industry

    • Accountability:
    • We are responsible for our performance and the ultimate result of the service we’ve provided

    • Leadership:
    • We are keen to participate in shaping the future of the clinical research industry in the MENA region

    • Efficiency:
    • By being efficient and effective in our approaches, we always give the best solution

    • Honesty:
    • We are consistently transparent and seeking integrity in our work style